Repair System Phone

Repair System Phone For Android is a new app containing all you need for optimizing your Android phone, no need for many apps all you have to do is install our app and get All tools and features you want: RAM and storage cleaner, battery management and performance optimizer… Multitools app will make you have a stable system and fast again, all in just one app.

—> Tools features:

RAM Booster:
One tap optimizer your RAM memory by freeing up space from launched apps, except system services will remain running.

ram cleaner & booster for android
.ram optimizer & memory cleaner
express ram optimizer

Repair System:
Scan your entire android device with a smart way, once the bug is found it will automatically be fixed or removed.

Junk Files Cleaner:
Helps free up your storage space by removing junk files, not just freeing up space but also those junk files can slow down your phone, one tap clean junk files and don’t worry about this action is safe no personal data will be in touch.
Apps Uninstaller/Manager:
Manage and list installed apps to you so you can uninstall the app you want, it will list installed and system apps at the same time, you can filter which one to show, note that uninstalling system app needs root permission, if your phone is rooted, do uninstall a system app with your own risk.
Device Infos:
Gives HW Hardware & Software information app for Android devices, detect components of your smartphone to provide complete information about the device’s hardware.
also, detection supported for LCD, touchscreen, cameras, sensors, memory, flash, audio, NFC, charger, wi-fi and battery…

Download From: Google Play


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