Bypass MI Cloud|Xiaomi Redmi MI Cloud Verification Reset

Bypass MI Cloud helps you whenever a device Reset for many issues like slow speed, Hang on the logo, Virus, etc or the device user lost his MI Cloud username or password and On the first boot user face “This device may be associated with existing Mi account”.

In this condition, we have to enter the Login of Previous Mi Account ID used by the first user of the MI Device. And without entering the details you can not use the device.

Now in this way we have two options, First is to reset the password by checking to forget the password and recover the logins if you didn’t remember the exact ID then the second option is to Bypass MI Cloud using Mi Account Unlock Tool

Bypass MI Account unlock Tool

File Name: MI Account unlock Tool

Features: Bypass MI Cloud

File Type: Rar

Version: 1.0 latest

Size: 3.47 MB

Supported OS: Win 7/8/8.1/10/10.1


  1. Download MI unlock Tool
  2. Xiaomi-Redmi Device Driver
  3. Required Device Firmware
  4. Micro USB Data Cable for connectivity

Bypass MI Cloud using MI Unlock Tool

  • Download, extract and install all above prerequisites
  • Make sure Device driver working properly with PC
  • Power Off Device and remove the battery if remove able
  • Now press and hold Volume UP and Power ON button for sometime
  • When MI logo will appear on MI device, release the Power button and keep holding Volume UP until MI device will show PC Suite Mode/Recovery Mode then release key
  • Open MI unlock Tool
  • Connect MI Device with PC via USB Data Cable
  • From MI Unlock Tool Screen Click on Information and take a connected MI device full information
  • Choose Bypass and run it
  • After successful Bypass, Device restart automatically
  • Finally, enjoy the new look of unlocked MI Device


  • Bypass MI Cloud
  • Reset MI Account
  • Remove MI Cloud ID
  • Remove MI Pattern
  • MI Account Security Remove
  • MI Cloud Password Reset

Note: Please make a Backup of your Device before install or update Firmware

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