Bypass Google Account LG K20 Plus Manual

How to Bypass Google Account LG K20 Plus Manual

IF you have tried to recover Gmail account but did not recover, Then this method to Bypass Google Account LG K20 Plus Manual is very easy for have to follow all below steps carefully to remove FRP Protection from LG K20 Plus. This method has successfully applied for LG K20 Plus MP260, TP 260, Metro PCS, Android 7.0, So let’s start now.


  1. Wifi Connection
  2. FRP Unlock Tool
  3. LG Device Drivers
  4. Android ADB Tool and Drivers
  5. Bluetooth HF/Earpiece Device

Before Bypass FRP Lock LG K20 Plus Manual

  • Install LG K20 Plus Drivers
  • Unpack FRP Unlock Tool
  • Install Android ADB Tool and Drivers

Removing Google Account from LG Devices will erase all of your data.
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
If you want to saves your data do a backup before start process.
The battery must be at least 50% charged before the start process.

Bypass Google Account LG K20 Plus Manual

  • Connect LG K20 Plus with available Wifi Network
  • Back to the welcome page of the Device screen
  • Select the Accessibility button of Device
  • Next, go to the Setting button
  • Select vision option from the screen
  • Turn ON the Talkback option of Device
  • Write big L on the device screen for Talkback setting and help menu
  • Choose Talkback setting
  • Press and Hold volume up and volume down buttons until you do not hear suspend talkback message and suspend menu pop up.
  • Realize volume buttons and tick an Ok button to confirm talkback off.
  • Select Help and feedback Option from talkback
  • Now search button and write voice and tick enter key
  • Choose first searched result
  • Press the play button and share the video
  • Select more Options and from above choose About
  • Select Google privacy policy
  • Chrome Browser will open accept the privacy policy
  • In search, menu search Quick Shortcut maker apk file
  • Download and install it
  • Open App and search Google Account manager
  • In Google, account manager add new Gmail account
  • Reboot Device and enjoy the FRP Bypass Google Account Device

Note Please make a Backup of your Device before install or update Firmware

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