Aroma File Manager Download for Android

Aroma File Manager for managing files in Recovery Mode.

aroma file manager zip that helps to manage files while you are using the device into Recovery Mode.

Android Recovery is a powerful System but it,s bad how to manage files in Android Recovery Mode.

The solution comes true only The file manager download, all the device files even the device in recovery condition.

aroma file manager apk also avail now that helps to protect and arrange your files.

The using of Aroma is very easy. the files come into ZIP Extention. no need to verify security and development sources.

The worth of this tool Is nothing, you can use free now. no need to require device root.

By using this File manager you will get all the files in recovery process and also you can use your files.

Aroma File Manager Information

File Name: Aroma

Tool Type: File Manager

Extention: ZIP

File Size:

Compatibility: All Android Versions

How to use Aroma?

  • Download File Manager from our download source
  • Copy the file into SD Card
  • Reboot Android Device into Recovery Mode
  • Choose install from SD Card
  • Select Aroma.ZIP
  • The installation will start automatically.

Download and Resources

Recent Changelog Aroma.

  • File manager support msmfb overlay
  • New engine FB and support drivers also.
  • GL support and graphic testing.
  • Neon update and improve
  • Shell run added into recovery mode.
  • Fix exit transition process.
  • alpha-blended optimized
  • support android studio features

By downloading this tool edit the file share or use it as can normal mode.

Conclusion: Aroma Manager download and manage all device files into recovery mode easily.

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