Download Sidesync Latest Setup For Samsung


Tool name : Sidesync

Devices : All Samsung

Tool version : V_4.5.0.86

File size : 45 MB

Password : No

Credit : Free

Sidesync Features

Download sidesync

sidesync_4.5.0.86.exe Latest version Available .
SideSync is a new PC-Mobile solution that enables screens, windows, and data to be shared easily. Share between a PC and a Galaxy smartphone, or between a Galaxy Tab and Galaxy smartphone.You can see exactly the same screen displayed on your smartphone or tablet on the other device. Then drag and drop files, type text messages on your keyboard, and much more.
SideSync enables you to quickly share files and texts between your PC and mobile device simply with drag & drop. You can insert photos from your mobile device to Word documents on your PC. Also, you can insert a file on your PC to your mobile device while you are sending text messages or email.

Download Sidesync for Samsung Devices

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